Batwoman Fan Art Strongly Supports Emma Stone’s Entry Into The DC Universe

In a recent piece of DC Universe fan art, Emma Stone is seen as Kate Kane’s Batwoman, joining the comic book franchise. The original Silver Age Batwoman was first envisioned as Kathy Kane and was first developed in 1956 by Edmond Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff. The character’s present incarnation, however, was eventually reinvented as Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s Jewish cousin who would go on to become the most well-known gay superhero to be published by the DC imprint. In the Elseworlds crossover event for the Arrowverse in 2018, Ruby Rose’s portrayal of Batwoman made her live-action debut. She also got her own spinoff show soon after, although Rose notoriously left the part after Batwoman season 1 to make room for Ryan Wilder, played by Javicia Leslie.



Now, a fresh work of fan art by the computer artist terrible.

heroics envisions Emma Stone from the movie Cruella with Kate Kane’s Batwoman cowl.

Stone’s Batwoman is pictured with Kate’s distinctive red hair and donning a Batsuit that resembles Rose’s from the first season of the Arrowverse. This artwork makes a strong case for Stone to join the franchise, which is currently in upheaval due to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s studio restructuring.

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Will Batwoman Finally Be Reviewed On The Big Screen?

It took some time for Batwoman to eventually make her first live-action appearance thanks to The CW’s Arrowverse, despite having a comic book history that spans nearly 70 years. As the more well-known of Batman’s female counterparts who is frequently eclipsed by Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, Rose’s interpretation of the character would end a decades-long drought and introduce a whole new audience to a very significant member of the broader Bat-family. Now that Gunn and Safran are developing a 10-year plan for the DCU, many people are speculating as to whether Kate Kane’s Batwoman would eventually appear on the big screen.

What Gunn and Safran have in mind for the DCU’s use of Gotham’s Bat-family is still unclear. There has been no mention of any associated characters possibly making an appearance, despite the fact that the former has hinted that Batman himself will continue to play a significant role in the DCU’s future. However, given that Matt Reeves intends to keep his interpretation of the Gotham City Dark Knight distinct from the main DCU timeline, Gunn and Safran may decide to add other Bat characters like Batwoman, Red Hood, and Nightwing in order to make their own unique contribution.

The DCU has the ability to deliver a distinctive perspective on DC’s most famous character in a way that has never been attempted on the big screen by giving spectators a Batman surrounded by his well-known comic book allies. There is no reason why Batwoman and other important members of the Bat-family couldn’t succeed in a film adaptation given how well-liked they are in comics and animated adventures. It will be intriguing to see whether Gunn can incorporate Batwoman into his plans since he is expected to make his first official DCU announcements later this month.

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