Nicole Kidman is Praised For Being ‘Excellent in A Crisis’

Nicole Kidman is Praised For Being 'Excellent in A Crisis'

Nicole Kidman is praised by Baz Luhrmann for how she handles criticism. The Oscar-winning actress is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and Baz says she’s “great in a crisis.”

“She’s at her best on a set when things aren’t going so well. She is excellent in a crisis and in accepting criticism. “She takes it on the chin and she’s very wise,” said the acclaimed director, who directed Nicole in the 2008 film “Australia.” “.

“Something really big happens every time we make a movie together. My father died on the first day of ‘Moulin Rouge!’. Her husband abandoned her on the last day. Everything we’ve ever created has been a balancing act.”

Nicole, 55, has a distinct “star power,” according to Baz. According to Empire magazine, “She’s a fantastic technical actor with a strong screen presence. Some might call it star power. I would concur.”

“Acting is a strange thing to do. Because if you’re good at it, you can make a lot of money pretending to be in love, to have lost someone in your life, to be capable of murder. You know exactly what your contribution to the universe is if you’re a heart surgeon. However, if done well, as Nicole does, an actor’s contribution to the universe is that they reflect us back to us.”

Meanwhile, Nicole previously stated that she does not have the voice to perform in a Broadway musical. The acclaimed actress is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after performers, but Nicole would be “insecure” on Broadway.

When asked about the possibility, she stated, “I don’t believe my voice is powerful enough. It’s not powerful enough. I mean, Broadway is like… and I’d feel so insecure.”

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