Robbie Williams Is Interested in Returning to Glastonbury

Robbie Williams Is Interested in Returning to Glastonbury

Robbie Williams wishes he could perform at Glastonbury. Having previously performed at the world-famous music festival shortly after launching his solo career in 1998, the “Old Before I Die” singer is now eyeing the Sunday afternoon Legends slot at this year’s festival, believing that the opportunity would change a lot of people’s perceptions of him because he’d put on such a great show.

“I’ve yet to be asked. I’m sure I’d annihilate it. “It’s one of those times and places, as well as a reimagining of who Robbie Williams is,” he explained on his “Robbie Williams Rewind” podcast “podcast. “Perception changes more than any other festival when you do Glastonbury.”

“Diana Ross could play any festival and get no traction, but she plays Glastonbury and everyone, including Barry Gibb, is talking about it. Many people there have a hazy understanding of who I am. But if they saw me doing it, I’d chop off their heads. If given the chance, I hope to participate.”

However, the Spice Girls have stated that they are interested in the role. Melanie C recently stated, “Glastonbury is truly magical, and it is without a doubt the ultimate British festival. A Spice Girls performance there would be fantastic one day. We’d love to be on that stage.”

Emma Bunton, another member of her band, is also enthusiastic about the idea. Regarding the Glasto speculation, she stated, “Isn’t there always someone talking?’ Oh, the Spice Girls are returning.’ Even last year, a really good friend of mine was at Glastonbury, and she called me and asked, ‘Are you going to come on stage?’ ‘No, I’m sure I would have told you!’ I say.”

Despite the fact that there are no plans to perform at Worthy Farm just yet, Emma is excited to see her bandmates again. She went on to say, “Do you know what, as the Spice Girls, we obviously enjoy working together, and when the time is right, things just happen. But I adore [them] and can’t wait to perform with them again. It has to be right for all of us, collectively, and hopefully that will happen soon.”

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